Let’s work together!

I’m available for freelance, contract, or consulting work. The core of my experience is in full-stack software development at early-stage companies. To get a sense of what it’s like to work with me, read about my freelancing values and check out my client testimonials.

I live in Manhattan and can take projects in the New York City area. Remote work is also okay.

I pride myself in being language and framework agnostic. I have the most experience with Django, Rails, Node.js, PostgreSQL, AWS on the backend, and React.js, Webpack, GraphQL on the frontend. See a full list of the technologies I’ve used professionally.

Email holmcrapancrap@crapgolcrapmanscrapaxcrap.com to start the discussion!

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Ian Webster
Co-founder, CTO
Zenysis (YC W16)
Walter Woodall
Co-founder, CTO
Mira Financial (500 Startups)
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