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Cold calling for my startup and how I learned to embrace the challenge

6 min read | February 26th 2018

As a person who gets anxious talking to strangers, I was a bit intimidated by the responsibility of cold calling for my startup. If I got nervous from something as small as calling a store to see when it was open, how would I be able to sell a product over the phone?


Startup books and podcasts: making the most of a longer commute

5 min read | November 29th 2017

When I moved to New York, my 15-minute bike commute to work turned into a 30-minute subway ride. While the change seemed negative at first, I realized it was an opportunity to put time into the reading and learning that I otherwise wouldn't have made time for.


Three pros and cons of the self-employed lifestyle

5 min read | September 28th 2017

I made the switch to self-employment two years ago, and have since enjoyed my professional life so much more. However, like with everything in life, self-employment also has its drawbacks. Here are a few ways – good and bad – in which self-employment has affected my day-to-day life.


My giving pledge and why everyone would benefit from their own

4 min read | August 15th 2017

When I graduated from college five years ago, I pledged to make a personally significant donation every year to a cause that meant something to me. Since then, it has made me more thankful and more aware of how I want the world to change.


Time tracking: my most effective productivity tool when self-employed

3 min read | June 8th 2017

When I switched from a full-time job to being self-employed, I struggled to be as productive as I wanted to be. Tracking my work hours was the change that turned it around.


Creating a positive freelancer–client relationship

3 min read | May 17th 2017

For me, the most important part when I freelance is creating a positive work relationship with my client. Not only does the work become more enjoyable for both parties, but I am able to ask my client in the future for referrals or a testimonial.


Building a personal site from scratch, 4 years later

3 min read | November 23rd 2016

In the last four years, I’ve significantly grown in my ability and confidence to start a site from scratch, and a perfect reflection of this is in the evolution of my personal site.